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The Chair of Fastening and Assembly Engineering (FAE) forms part of the Faculty of Architecture and Civil Engineering at the TU Dortmund. The faculty is well known for its ‘Dortmunder Modell Bauwesen’, the academic concept where architects and civil engineers are jointly trained. This brings together an interface of civil engineering, architecture, and building services.  As such, the Chair of Fastening and Assembly Engineering enjoys strong ties with various construction disciplines, while it is one of a handful of institutions worldwide teaching and researching with this focus.

The Chair was established and assumed by Prof. Dr. Dipl. Dipl. Ing. Panos Spyridis in 2018, as an evolution of the research group of Dr.-Ing. habil. Klaus Block which has been working since decades on the performance and reliability of fastening systems. The chair continues research and teaching in the broad and interesting field of fastening technologies and structural assemblies.

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                             Work hall                                               Precast concrete wall on crane                               Nuts and threads of a fastening                                   Reinforcement work