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At the Faculty of Architecture and Civil Engineering of TU Dortmund University the two academic courses ‘Architecture and Urban Design’ and ‘Civil Engineering’ have been joined together since the founding of the faculty in 1974 in the so called ‘Dortmunder Modell’. The idea is to combine the two large professions of Architects and Engineers, which have been separated since the 19th century and to create a realistic reflection of the building practice through joined education, especially in project work. Til today, this is a unique concept in Germany and embodies a teaching concept, that in addition to the extensive subject specific education at one’s own discipline aims for an understanding of interdisciplinary collaboration in a team consisting of all disciplines involved in construction. A key component for the acquisition of these cooperation skills are the projects P1, P2 and P3 that students of Architecture and Civil Engineering work on together as a team. Detailed Information about the faculty’s academic courses, the contents, the enrollment process, admission requirements etc. can be found here:


B1 Architecture and Urban Planning (B.Sc.)
B2 Civil Engineering (B.Sc.)

B1 Architecture and Urban Planning (M.Sc.)
B2 Civil Engineering (M.Sc.)
B3 Real Estate and Construction Management (M.Sc.)
B4 Integral Building Technology (Specialisation)


Info Events

The Faculty of Architecture and Civil Engineering is involved in numerous Information Events for high school students and prospective students organized by the ‘Zentrale Studienberatung’ of the TU Dortmund University. There questions regarding the course of studies, requirements and career prospects are answered. Prospective students can get a fist glance into the study contents and courses through exemplary student works. In addition, the chairs and institutions of the faculty are introduced.


Abi! Und dann?
Nacht der Beratung
Dortmunder Hochschultage
Girls' Day


Preperation for Studies

It is not mandatory to absolve an internship before the admission for studies. However, it can be reasonable to absolve an internship in an Architecture or Civil Engineering office in order to verify one’s own study choice. During the studies, it is mandatory to absolve an internship at a building site– this can also be absolved before the start of studies. The internship guidelines can be found in the download area. For prospective Civil Engineering students there is a MatheCheck in the Studifinder- Portal of the federal state NRW, in which you can test if your previous knowledge in Mathematics is sufficient for the studies. We strongly advise prospective Civil Engineering students to attend the Mathematics precourse at the TU Dortmund, that is organized by the Faculty of Mathematics every year in September. First steps for a successful start in studies as well as helpful info events are organized by the Dortmunder Zentrum Studienstart. The Architecture and Civil Engineering Student body organizes the so-called  O-phase every year in the week before start of studies. During this orientation week, senior students give important advice to the freshmen, show them the campus and explain the formalities and courses of studies. Additionally first contacts and friends can be made during the O-phase. The participation in the O-phase is voluntary, but the information provided during this time is extremely helpful for a good start in one’s studies. 


Abschlussveranstaltung Kopie ERD35060 Kopie ERD27711 Kopie


Study Advice

There are numerous counseling points before and during the studies – an overview can be found here. If you have questions regarding the studies contents, the admission requirements, application formalities etc., or you would like to inform yourself and be counseled individually, please turn to the study coordinator of the faculty:


Dipl.-Ing. Karen Seiler

Consultation hours: Mon 14:00 - 17:00 and on appointment
South Campus, GB II, Ground Floor, Room 114

Anne Catrin Lang M.A.

Sprechzeiten: Mi 10:00 - 13:00 Uhr und nach Vereinbarung
Campus Süd, GB II, Erdgeschoss, Raum 114

Susanne Reinemann, M.Sc. (parental leave)





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