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B2 Civil Engineering M.Sc.



Brief Profile of the Field of Study B2 / Master Civil Engineering

In the consecutive Master Degree Program Civil Engineering, the program provides in-depth technical and scientific knowledge as well as methods for the design and calculation of systems, and an academic specialization in selected areas. This leads the students to an advanced degree of academic qualifications in teaching and research (PhD) and an outstanding professional qualification for the structural design and construction projects. The in-depth practice of sizing and detailing of structural design, the material-specific analysis and computer-aided modeling within the interdisciplinary ‘Dortmund Modell’ enables students to an independent and reflected application of their knowledge and autonomous methodological work, which they demonstrate in their final thesis.


Possible Areas of Specialisation

• Structural Engineering
• Numerical Mechanics
• Resource-Efficient Building Construction
• Construction Management


Why study this Degree at TU Dortmund University?

At the Faculty of Architecture and Civil Engineering of TU Dortmund, Architects and Civil Engineers study together in the ‘Dortmunder Modell’. This model is unique in Germany and represents a teaching concept that encourages the interdisciplinary team collaboration with other Engineers involved in the construction process. A key component for the acquisition of these cooperation skills are the projects that students of Architecture and Civil Engineering work on together as a team. Thus, the basis for future successful collaboration is created by realistic planning tasks.


Faltwerk John_Hancock_Center B2_Bauings_Master


Occupational Area and Scope of Duties

Due to the successful completion of the Master Program, graduates have proven that they possess the qualifications for a subsequent scientific activity in the field of research and development and for an independent technical implementation in planning and execution, i.e. as a Project Manager in an Engineering office, as an independent freelance planner of structural framework, for managerial functions in the construction industry, for conductive tasks as Project Developers, or in higher public service.


Important Documents

All important documents for the academic studies - Examination Regulations, Curriculum of studies, module manuals and Catalogue of Compulsory Optional Subjects, guidelines for internships and BaföG as well as the Schedules and Examination Dates can be found in our download area.


Course of Studies Master Civil Engineering

ING-MA_englisch 2019


Formalities / Application Master Civil Engineering

Degree Master of Science (M.Sc.)
Qualification Aims Independent implementation of the principles and methods of Structural Engineering in the planning of structural design and construction. Interdisciplinary cooperation skills. Qualification for a job in the field of research and development and skills for further academic qualifications as part of a promotion.
Credits / Workload 4 Semesters
Language of Instructions 120 ECTS-Credits / 3.600 Hours
Language of Instructions German
Restriction on Admission None
Start of Studies Winter and Summer Semester
Admission Requirements Requirement (see Examination Regulations) for the Master Degree Program in Civil Engineering is the undergraduate Degree of Civil Engineering at the TU Dortmund University. Applicants with a different degree have to submit application documents. It will be verified, if the previous degree is equivalent to the required degree or if a potential is required for completion of the Master Program. An equivalence is usually given when study and exam performances are generally similar to the content, scope and requirements of the Bachelor Program at TU Dortmund University. No schematic comparison but an overall consideration and evaluation will be effected. The determination is made by the Examination Board.
Enrolment and Application The online-enrollment/online-application starts around mid-January (Start of Studies in Summer Semester), or around mid-June (start of studies in Winter Semester) at the Student Admission Office at www.tu-dortmund.de/einschreibung. International students can apply between 15.03 and 15.07 (for the Winter Semester), or between 15.11 and 15.01 (for the Summer Semester) at the International Office at www.aaa.tu-dortmund.de. Additionally to the online application (and the required documents) application documents in paper form (Transcript of Records, short motivation letter, portfolio max. 10 pages A4 two-sided, CV, possibly job references etc.) have to be send to the Student Admission Office or the International Office. Since the entire reviewing and administration process can take up to six weeks, the application should be received at the latest 6 weeks before the start of the semester – in the Winter Semester beginning of September and in the Summer Semester beginning of March. After the start of the lecture period enrolment can only occur in exceptional cases.
Specialisation The areas of specialisation with the associated groups of subjects are provided in the module manuals. The elective courses of the different subject groups can be found in the corresponding catalogue. If the credit points of the specialisation modules are not achieved within one specialisation area, the certificate will not state an area of specialisation. Students should notify the Admissions Office on the intended specialisation. The claim may be amended.
Internship None
Semester Contribution Information on the amount of the Semester Contribution can be found here.



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