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Welcome to the Faculty of Architecture and Civil Engineering!

At the Faculty of Architecture and Civil Engineering of TU Dortmund University the two academic courses ‘Architecture and Urban Design’ and ‘Civil Engineering’ have been joined together since the founding of the faculty in 1974.

The close integration of the two disciplines is a distinctive feature of the Faculty, which is particularly noticeable in the interdisciplinary approach of education, a teaching concept known as the ‘Dortmunder Modell’. The 'Modell' combines the two large professions of architects / engineers, which have been separated since the 19th century, in one Faculty. The aim is both to convey the subject-specific, economic, technical-scientific, artistic and practical-conceptual principles for Architecture and Civil Engineering, as well as offering an interdisciplinary education by cooperation between Architecture and Engineering. The holistic concept of construction is strove for through practical projects.

Due to the cross-linked professional cultures of Architects and Engineers in the ‘Dortmunder Modell Bauwesen’, the Faculty encourages an evolution in a comprehensive teaching and research between traditional vocational and technical boundaries. All academic studies at the Faculty of Architecture and Civil Engineering include joint projects (P1, P2 and P3) as interdisciplinary design workshops.




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