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Chair of Mechanics

Welcome to our website. The following pages supply information on the teaching courses in Engineering Mechanics and on the research in the field of Computational Mechanics.

The fundamentals of engineering mechanics and applied mathematics as well as elements of applied computer science are combined in teaching and research of this chair.

Numerous engineering problems are considered an an interagted way in computational mechanics. This viewpoint integrates the fundamentals with the computational techniques and ends up in sophisticated compuet applications for industrial applications.

The teaching and research field of computaional mechanics opens a broad range of activities inside or ouside of civil engineering.






Chair of Statics and Dynamics

The discipline of Statics and Dynamics can be found between the architectural design and the material installation of a building. With help of deterministic models it claims to predict the stability and usability of structures in the context of architecture, load assumptions and building foundation.

The discipline formed up at the beginning of the industrial revolution and developed in the machine age, which is an on-going process, driven by computer-aided methods, nowadays. Before methods of Statics and Dynamics have been established, architects and builders used their experience and empirical values. Today, it is possible to model and analyze any idea or form of load-bearing structure. However, it implies the large variety of possibilities on the one hand but also the scope of responsibility and reliability of predictions  on the shoulders of the engineer. The chair of Statics and Dynamics considers teaching and research of innovative methods for such predictions. They aim to enhance the modelling as well as extensive automatic processing between conceptual design and material realization. Further, we explore new concepts of load-bearing structures, e.g. the combination of natural adaptive structures, namely trees, with technical buildings. We offer a wide spectrum of bachelor and master theses. Do not hesitate to contact us if interested.