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Seminar für Statik und Dynamik

Donnerstag, 12.09.2019
Angela Madeo (Institut National des Sciences Appliquées de Lyon)

Mechanical metamaterials’ modeling via Enriched Continuum Models

11:00 Uhr, GBII, EG, Raum 111



In this talk, I will show how enriched continuum models can be used to describe the dynamical behavior of anisotropic mechanical metamaterials. I will show to which extent the relaxed micromorphic model is able to capture all the main macroscopic dynamical characteristics of the targeted metamaterials, namely, stiffness, anisotropy, dispersion and band-gaps. The simple structure of our material model, which simultaneously lives on a micro-, a meso- and a macro-scale, requires only the identification of a limited number of frequency-independent parameters, thus allowing the introduction of pertinent boundary conditions to be imposed at macroscopic metamaterials’ boundaries when the model is framed in the context of Variational Principles. I will show how this modelling approach can be applied to the study of the scattering properties of finite-size metamaterials’ structures thus opening new perspectives for metastructural engineering design.